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Steven and Sharlene Klotnick welcome you to Passionfoods

Passionfoods is a Melbourne institution. Located just across the footbridge at South Melbourne market, the popular eco store draws customers attracted by the ability to find all they need for their organic life in one store.

Customers include local gourmands, health-conscious mums and dads, busy executives and the ‘green at heart’ planet-aware.

“We’re the owners of Passionfoods. Since 2009, we have been busy expanding the already-successful Passionfoods range and improving systems to ensure a better shopping experience for our customers. This fresh-looking website and online shopping service is on of the new initiatives and we would welcome your feedback on this or anything else you would like to see happening at Passionfoods.”Steve and Sharlene

Sharlene says: ‘I bring a love of fresh, healthy and tasteful foods to Passionfoods, born during an earlier background in running my own catering company. As a mother concerned about my children’s food sensitivities, I was an early adopter and advocator of healthy living. My passion about health has led to a belief that in today’s fast-paced world, you need to give your body the best possible chance by eating organic and removing harmful chemicals from your life as early and as quickly as possible.’

Steve says: ‘I am inspired by the loyal Passionfoods customers and passionate about continuing to build a meaningful store that grows better every day. Previous experience in a traditional supermarket chain gives me an edge when it comes to choosing quality products that I know customers will appreciate. I enjoy working with and for people who share my passion for the environment, recycling and living an eco lifestyle.’

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