South Melbourne’s original Organic Foods and Eco Living Store

At Passion Foods you’ll discover organic treasures to delight your body and soul.
We also have a large range of Vegan, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Raw Foods and heaps of home-cooked meals.

Your organic life

Eat organic - it doesn’t cost the earth

Enhance your wellbeing by being free from chemicals, additives and allergens. Support producers who are environmentally friendly and socially responsible in their farming. Contribute to local economies and artisan production. Take the opportunity to vote with your shopping dollar for what matters to you. Read more about the benefits of eating organic.

Eco-living, naturally better

Pre-wash laundry powders and liquids, fabric care, vegetable washes, dishwasher powders, BBQ and floor cleaners, fruit-scented multi-purpose sprays, recycled paper products. Pure leatherwood beeswax candles made in Australia, free from paraffin, plastics, glues, inks, animal stearins and fossil fuels, delivering a delicious honey-hued aroma.